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Thread: clen vs clomid

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    clen vs clomid

    What is better to take post cycle. Clen or Clomid. The reason I am asking is that so far everyone I talked to doesn't seem to know what clomid is or can't get it. They are also telling me that taking clen is the best for keeping gains. My cycle is deca 400mg/wk test 500mg/wk d-bol 40mg/day.

    Help can't start on my gear without thinking about keeping gains.

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    Good to see you thinking about post cycle recovery.

    Get clomid... it gets the boys producing natural test again. Clen is good for cortisone reasons.

    Clomid is very important for post cycle recovery. Do a search and you'll find how to use it.

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    ya it is good that your thinking about all this before starting a cycle, from what most poeple say no clomid no cycle, i think its the best, but correct me if im wrong wich i am alot of the time

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    Which is better? Kinda hard to compare the two... but to answer your question, CLOMID ! And no one here will tell you differently. With very few exceptions, no clomid=no cycle is right. Its cheap and easy to get, no excuse for not having it. Unless, of course, you like the idea of crashing post cycle, lossing most of your gains, and having balls the size of peas. I am even a believer of using clomid during cycle. Clen is for anti-cortisol, but even more commonly used to cut up. Nice to have post cycle, but not all that important for you at this point.

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