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    How much calories for a pound of muscle???

    OK, I don't know if anyone can answer this question... but I'll ask anyways. WE all know that it takes over 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat, but how many calories and how much protein does it take to build a pound of muscle??? Now, if this question can be answered, than why do people who bulk up (on AS) usually pig out (fast food etc.) I mean if we only need so much calories to grow, then won't all the extra ones be converted into fat??? What good is that?


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    it also takes 3500 calories to build a pound of muscle... quality calories...
    why the assumption that bodybuilders trying to bulk up gorge themselves with junk food?

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    Not a lot of people who do it RIGHT pig out on junk, infact no one who wants to bulk properly will do that. The idea of bulking is to put on as much muscle mass while keep body fat gains to a min and burgers and fries are not the way to do that.

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    you need to figure out your BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate) first. this will tell you how many calories you need to intake on a daily basis in order to maintain your bodyweight. If you want to increase your weight you consume more and to loose weight you would intake less. AS helps the body process protien in a more effecient manner and also it has been proven that some AS adds muscle more fibers to the muscle. which increases the muscle density therefore increasing the overall weight. i dont know if this helps you, i may have read your post wrong but thats the way i took it????

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