Hey what's up everyone. quick question. I am finishing my sus cycle now tomorrow i am taken my last shot of sus. Now monday i was going to start taken winni 50mg tabs for 4-5 weeks. here is my question.

1. I know start clomid 3 weeks after my last shot.. does that mean on the 3rd week on monday start? or after the 3 weeks, on the 4th week on monday start?

2. It will not conflict if I take winni tabs while on the clomid will it?

3. I just purchased the 7lb Cell-Tech creatine, is it cool if i start on monday with the winni, or should i finish the clomid cycle?

4. Do i really have to load 2 servings a day for 5 days?

5. Winni 50mg devided into 2 parts. How should i take them, like what times? and is 4 weeks to short? how long should i take them for?

That's all my question my friends.. thank you