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    Full of ?'s today :)

    Is Ephedrine illegal? Does not look like it, but though i better make sure w/ the pro's

    Also taking asprin and/or caffeine helps this work better in burning fat?

    And finaly, suggestions on taking this w/ a cycle of finaplix ?

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    eph hcl

    it's illegal in some states but you'll find it natural derivative Ma Haung in every fat's illegal in alot of states because it's used in amphetamine'll find that alot of shitty e is cut w/ ephedrine.sometimes i'll take it when i come off e while i'm out a club then pop another hit of e to speed it up more.caffine gives it like a synergistic effect and the asparin in fat burners is used to prolong the dose of e/c in your makes it constant.i used ripped fuel, clen , and fina at once back in the day.

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