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Thread: measuerments ?

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    measuerments ?

    how does a ml. and a mg. compare in size, to a cc.

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    1cc = 1ml.

    Mg refers to strength, i.e mg's per cc's depending on the gear you have.

    This has been asked alot search and you will find and very good thread, in the Steriod Pic forum I believe.

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    Mike Guest
    oh no.....

    it doesnt - mg(milligram) is a concentration - it's the strength PER ml of your drug - say sustanon 250 - you have heard of that - there is 250mgs in ever ml (milliliter)

    A ml is a volume and is usually in reference to vials or containers storing liquid where a cc refers to the SAME volume of liwuid but within a syringe. The two terms are almost interchangeable.

    So I pulled out a vial with one ml in it and I drew it ALL into my syringe and then I was ready to inject the one cc.

    Like that - it's all the same - but mg is the strength or concentration of that ml or cc

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    nice....and if you're still confused there's a conversion chart in the steroid pictures section.

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