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    Critique this one

    am thinking of running this for next cycle. Should I also run HCG ? Looking for different oppinions on the subject. My stats are 6' 210lbs with 15% bf. I am looking for increased strength and quality gains (ain't we all). Iam currently finishing up 10 weeks of sust 250 @500/wk and eq @400/wk. Gained about 15lbs so far from this. I guess that is pretty good but I want to get to 230 lbs and about 10%.

    1-4 Dbol 35mg/d
    1-11 Enanthate 500mg/wk
    1-10 Eq 400mg/wk
    8-13 Fina 75mg/d
    13- clomid after last Fina inj 300mg day 1,
    100mg for 10 days, 50mg 10 days
    HCG ?
    Does anybody see any problems with this? Are all the normal helpers ok with this cycle (nolv, prov, clomid)?

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    looks good ,lose the hcg

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    GREAT CYCLE. I see you have done your research.

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    i agree, looks good to me as well.
    i would also not worry about the hcg , you wont need it.

    peace bb79

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    HCG works well *MID* cycle -- your nuts will agree.

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