alright get this shit ,im in to my cyccle4th week if 750 sust and 600 deca ,(its 8 weeks im peeking at 750 and 600 forthe 4 middle weeks the down to 500 and 400 )and the shit hasnt realy hit me yet my strength is just about the same ussualy by now im a beast(the shit is real too)but nothing crazy yet.this is the crazy part,before my cycle my strength was more then on the gear now and just before i started it just took a shit,im not overtraining and everything is done right i have a couple under my belt so far.when my right arm was stronger now my left is a good bit stronger especialy when i bench or shoulder press whta kick to the nutsack!that ever happen to any body before?im gonna go nuts.after all these years this a first,i keep telling my self maybe its some sorta plateu just till the juice kicks in but nothing yet,is it because ive done a few and it will take longer then ususl to kick in or should i up it???sorry to sound lika little bitch but any info is appreciated.