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    Flying South.........

    Another D-bol Question......

    My D-Bol is 50mg per tab, and the little turds are hard to break without scattering them across creation. I had planned on running 35 mg ed, but the guy who got the gear for me said run them 50 mg day 5 days per week ( M through F, Sat & Sun off ). Won't that screw up my blood levels? I know the half life is only 2-4 hrs, but some stays in the system doesn't it. Would I be better just running the stuff every day?
    I am also running Decca @ 450mg/wk, and Sust @ 250mg/wk.
    BTW got my 1st D-bol Pump at the gym yesterday, HOLY COW! It felt awesome! Things should only get better!

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    its going to be very difficult to determine how much is 35 mg,so my advice is take the 50 mg ,divided into 2 times daily.
    and yes take it everyday,not just m-f.
    i also suggest taking sustenon 2x wk also,so 500 mg wk.

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    i agree with 4 plates!!!

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    Buy a pill cutter
    I use a dime to split the dbol

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    Just run the 50mgs a day...if you start to see signs of gyno and such, take your nol...well better yet, you should just do NOLV to be safe.

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    use a razor blade. i have the 50mg tabs also and they cut with ease. never had them break and shatter with a blade

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    Man your making a big deal over nothing. Make your way over to the local gnc and get you a pill cutter. Thats what i use on mine and it works fine.

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    Tanguy is correct. Use a razor blade, and cut them lil things into 4 even smaller things. Then, take them spaced apart, every 4 hours. It's best to space them that way, and not to just take it once or twice daily, so you can keep your blood levels constant.

    Good luck.

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