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    Dosing and estrogen convertion

    Hello there guys.

    My question is :
    Would there be a difference for the testosterone to convert to estrogen (aromatize) if the dosing is divided along the week, or if it is shot 100% at one time in the week?

    What i mean is :
    If i take 250mg of test once a week (like on monday for example), and next week more 250mg on monday and so on....


    I take 35mg ED. which will also be 250mg a week. (35 x 7 = 245)

    What is the difference between these on the convertion ???
    Would 35mg ED aromatize less than all in one shot ??
    Meaning less chance of side effects as acne, bloating, gyno, mood behaviour, etc ??

    What can you tell me about that ???

    Thanks bros

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    Its all about when you shoot in relation to testosterones ester. For example if you took one big shoot of test prop per week a large portion will convert to dht and estrogens. You would come out with way more total test if you shot everyday. Smaller, more frequent doses keep peaks and troughs minimal so less will convert to paripheral hormones.

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