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    Fall Cycle Critique

    I've decided on a nice fall cycle that fits around my schedule (ie winter vacation). Please realise my goals for this cycle is to purely get rid of bf%, strengthen, hardend and basicly revert into a greek godlike figure (through strict diet/cardio/lifting of course). No test base is added beacuse i'd like to keep it to eight weeks of being "on" and not deal with any bloat or any sort of hormonal hard crash at the end. (admitidly a bit part of me is still thinking about jumping on say 300mg/week enathate two weeks before the rest and having a 10 weeker).... here it is.

    Start Sept 25th Nov 20th
    Week 1-8 Primo @ 600mg/week
    Week 1-6 anavar @ 50mg/day
    Week 4-8 mastaron enth @ 400mg/week
    Week 1-10 proviron @ 50mg/day
    Week 6-10 igf-1 @ 80mcg/day

    Week 1-2 200mg dnp /day
    Week 1-11 ramp up and down t3 (max dose of 150mcg/day)
    Week 1-13 clen 2 weeks on 2 off (inj helios 2on2off)

    Week 1-14
    Creatine (week 1-6, 10-14)
    No explode (1-6, 10-14)
    Milk Thystle
    Vit C

    Week 4 hcg 1000iu/day 5days (arimidex week 3-5)
    Week 10-12 hcg @ 1000iu/day-10days) (vitiman E @1000iu/day)
    Week 10-13 Clomid for 40 days (300-2days, 100-28days, 50-10days)
    Week 10-14 arimidex @ 0.5mg/day for 25 days

    Current stats: 6'4" 247-50lbs, 12-13%bf
    Goal: 6'4" 235-40lbs 7-8%bf

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    (bump) I think i'm gonna drop the masteron cause i dont want the combo of it and the proviron to kill my hair.

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