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    Question Tourette's Syndrome and steroids

    Hey guys. I'm wondering if anyone knows anybody that has Tourette's syndrome and has been able to use gear without causing them tics. I grew up with Tourette's (fortunately didn't have the crazy obsenity shouting, just weird eye blinking!) but I don't exhibit symptoms of it today. However, I've read about a couple cases where people with past Tourette's have used AAS's and it's caused them problems.

    Thanks guys...

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    haha just kidding bro. I would advice to google on this one. But may i ask what is your reason for wanting to take AAS? Because i would def play it safe and see if your goals are able to achieve naturally

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    Some people go from being normal to tourettes light on roids. I wonder what will happen to someone who has tourettes to begin with.
    All I can say is that this should be very interesting roid rage wise.

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