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    First Cycle-Pheraplex critique

    Hello everybody, I have learned a ton of info from this site and am prepping my first cycle:

    Pheraplex- 20mg/ed for 30days
    Nolvadex -(this is where I am unsure)-20mg/ed for the 30 day cycle and after as well, for what, 4 weeks?

    PCT-Milk Thistle- 1000mg/day
    Red Yeast Rice-?
    Saw palmetto-?

    Does this sound about right? I am trying to be as safe as possible as this is my first cycle. Thank you very much!

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    u good bro. i dont think u need nolva with PP. use clomid durring PCT if available and use milk thistle durring ur cycle. 1000mgs per day

    oh i 4got: stats? goals?

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    Weight: 150lbs.- This is going up as I am on a Jungle Warfare(NHA) cycle...will be finishing soon and hope to be at 160.
    For some reason my weight has not been moving over the last year or so too much, but lately I have been eating correctly and it is shooting up thankfully.

    Strength Goals- Increase noticably.
    My goal would be to be at about 170-175 w/ low bf %...

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    Alright guys, heres an update. I got ahold of some 1-ad in addition to my phera-plex, also I got a bottle of pheradrol which is the same as pheraplex according to studies....

    I am planning on doing a cycle of phera-plex, doing my pct, then off of everything for a month, then 1-ad cycle, pct, off for a month(possibly 2, or more if suggested), then a cycle of pheradrol, pct, then off for about a year or 2.

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