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    Was wondering if anyone had an idea on me getting a hold of some clomid. I tried going to my doctor and getting her to prescibe it for me and she wouldn't . Then I tried to goto Dr. and you need a presciption for it. I only have 3 weeks left on my SUS cycle. I live in KY and don't have access to the border like some of you all. Wish I lived near the border sure would save me some money too. Thanks fellas

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    Let's see, I think is a reliable source for clomid, but I wouldn't trust them for anything else.

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    2,712 is selective scammers. They scam some people and not others without reason. Don't trust them.

    Talk to your source, and beg him for some clomid. You have 3 weeks left on your cycle and 3 weeks before you have to start clomid theropy. That's 6 weeks to find it... good luck.

    As a last resort, if you have a cool doctor you can trust, see your him and tell him what has happened. Maybe he'll give you some

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