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    Mugs Guest

    Guys, fill me in on what the big fuss is over at EF???

    Whats going on over there?? People are saying its pay and they don't like it or....... what's ALL the DIRT on them? Just curious. I like to know about the competition

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    Mike Guest
    wow you been posting in private forums or what baby??

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    Mugs Guest
    Oh yea! You didn't know about the porn room I started? Me and a few gals have been just chatting it up. I have a question about that deca question above us here. He wants to do a good deal of running on it? Why do that unless you add a few other drugs etc.. eq, winny? Shouldn't he NOT run that much to better his muscle gains? Thats my thought.

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    Mike Guest
    Well running decreasing muscle gains is a myth to an extent - it has some validity to it but it is over stated - THOUGH - it does seem that he may need to redfine his goals and cycle appropriately. If he is looking to cut up than that's not the cycle for it. And if mass is what he is looking for he may be involved in the wrong type of training - you are correct.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    George is making parts of the board private and to be paid for. most of the private forums are for pictures and now only the mods and "platimum" members can post pictures - im not sure what else is in there but if it really all goes paying, which I doubt, then he would do well to add some "expert columns", etc. to it to justify the expense. Dont see why all the bug fuss tho, george is in business and its his board so....

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    He must have moved a few key post over to platinum too, cause I haven't been ably to open the "DNP manual" thread. Someone over on the fina board said he got banned for posting a poll on whether anyone would pay for platinum service (Im sure there's more to the story). I never really posted on EF anyway. Too much Flamming and porn for me. There were some good threads for info though.

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