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    Help me choose my next bulkcycle

    Bulk Cycle 1

    Week 1-8 Test 500 mg/week
    week 1-8 Deca 400 mg/week
    week 1-6 dianabol (Naposim) 30mg/a day

    Bulk cycle 2

    week 1-8 sustanon 500 mg
    Week 1-6 Finaplix 50mg eod
    Week 1-6 dianabol (Naposim) 30 mg/a day

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    i dont know your stats or cycle history or age ,but considering say that uve doen some cycles are in the mid 20 s or so and been traing foa a while at about 180-200, id go like this ,
    1-4 35-40 mg dbol
    1-10 400 mg test
    1-10 400 deca
    7-13 tren
    u would blow up ,ivedoenthis before but with the eq insted of deca killer gains

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    Good suggestion Biggy!

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    i dont think tren and deca are a good choice in the same cycle bro,even if you are only running them togather for a few wks,
    1st you are risking progesterone side effects.
    2nd tren and deca shut you dopwn the hardest so you will have a hard recovery post cycle.
    if you are using the tren to harden up at the end you might consider winny or anavar .
    using one of these choices will help you get through the gray area if ran correctly! jmo

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