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Thread: i need advice

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    i need advice

    i just got job as personal trainer not long ago. about a year ago i took sust and deca stack and gained 27 lbs. im currently 6ft and 180. i tried the sust and winny stack tying to put on good qaulity gains, i took winny for 4 wks and now on 10th wk of sust and still no weight gain,i think i got bad gear,but i was wondering if it would be ok to go straight to test cyp and deca stack for 7-8 wks. everyone says u should wait 10 wks and try again, but for my job sake, no one wants a personal trainer that only weighs 180lbs(know what i mean) i have good diet and i know my shit on training.I WAS JUST WONDERING IF THE TEST DECA WOULD BE SAFE?

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    Well if your gear was truly bunk then it would be but if it was underdosed then you may be shutting your natural test down for a pretty long time. Have you checked to see if your gear is bad by looking in the gear pictures forum. How do you know you have good gear this time?

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    Do a search on extended cycles you find your answers there.
    If your gear was really fake then you have nothing to worry about because you haven't really been "on" anyway but if you want to be safe do the research and go from there.

    Good luck,


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    Go to the doc and get your levels checked and your liver and kidney functions checked. Thats the only way to tell what your bodys going through.
    From that you can asses a proper time to begin again.

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