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    Question cycle question

    ok here it is! i have been reading tons of people's cycle results and cycle info on what they took and for myt first cycle i only ran sus250 @1 amp/week. then some winni at the end. and from such a low cycle i gained over 20 lbs. i did gain 30 lbs but when i got off my ccycle i dropped about 10 of that. now my question is i read that the diff. cycles people run of sus would be 500mg per/week and of deca would be 400mg/week and only gaining 15-20 lbs and losong some of that after the h2o retention. am i running still to low of a cycle ??? for my next cycle i would liket o run d-bol, deca, and sus, winni.
    what should i do???
    i like the sus250 so i plan on keeping that in and i like the winni so i plan to run that also

    but what about the deca and d-bol and and will i get greatere results than i did from the first time i ran my sus??
    ran the sus for 10 weeks last time!

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    Man, I wish I was so tolerant! I know I am not though as my first cycle didn't really make me add too much weight, though I did add a good bit of lean mass and dropped a shitload of weight.

    IMO, if you get good gains from low doses then stick with them! Though I would stack specific drugs so that they can work off each other synergistically. I personally would also use Cyp for more consistant blood levels of test, at 250mg's week it is damn near imposible to get consistancy with Sust.

    So, for example:

    Prop at 30mg/ed week 1-4
    Cyp at 250mg/week 1-12
    Tren at 25mg/ed weeks 5-14
    Winny at 50mg/ed weeks 6-14 (Injectable preferably as it's said to be 30% more effective)

    Or, if you don't like that many shots maybe:
    Prop 200mg's week 1-4 (Shot evenly through week 50mg's 4x week)
    Cyp 250mg's week 1-12
    EQ 400mg's week 1-11
    Winny 50mg/ed week 5-14 (Again, I'd inject it)

    Though this still raises your Test levels much higher than you were I think you might grow like a weed. It is also possible that you got a placebo effect from your other cycle as 250mg's Sust is not much more than a theraputic HRT dose. Your body cranks out near that on it's own. It could have been you busting your ass and your diet that caused you to grow so well.

    That first cycle is a lot of pin pricks, they are not that bad and it beats using Dbol IMO. Also, if you want Winny in the end you should NOT do the Dbol in the front, too much on the liver.

    The Prop will kick in ASAP while you wait for the other gear to kick in. The Tren and Winny would kick in ASAP as well. Clomid follows a few days after your last shot.


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