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    Sus/Deca Cycle question

    Hey everyone im new to the board, looks great keep up the good job, a lot of great info.
    Have a few questions, any advice would be highly appreciated.
    Stats :21y/o, 6ft 168lbs been working out for a while but main concentration was on losing some weight , now its to gain a little muscle. Starting my first cycle:

    Norandren 200 (Deca ) - 2 bottles
    Sustanon 250 - 10 amps
    (Just curious paid $430 for Norandren and Sustanon high/low?)

    ( Can't understand the amount, one is in Russian and the other one looks like Spanish, ill Attach a picture of both)

    Want to know the proper dosage a week, how long should the cycle last also will be adding Clenbuterol and Clomid when would be the best time to add them and how long should I take it for.
    As you can tell IM not very educated on this stuff so any help and suggestions would be great.

    Thank you .
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    imo that deca blows, but those susts are fantastic, got real nice gains off em. if you got 2 of those deca, and they are 10cc or 10ml each, take 2cc of deca a week, and 1 cc of the sust a week, and if you got it all for 430, thats not too bad...i've seen those susts as high as $25 an amp and 10cc bottles of deca for $80-200...seems arond average...good luck

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    thanks man , from what i was reading from the other post's... dont i have to add the amount with every 2-3 week's of the cycle?

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    I should send you to the search page and tell you to go research more, but I feel like a nice guy and I'll type a little something for you...

    Go get 10 more amps of sust, and run .5cc of sust and .5cc of deca every other day until you run out (between 8-10 weeks).

    The reason I go against the traditional once or twice a week injections is because you are using sust and IMO its not very effective if taken less frequently then every other day.

    You COULD do 1cc of each twice a week (like sundays and wednesdays, for example), but I feel you will see better results from .5cc of each eod.

    Take clen after your cycle, starting after last shot.
    Start clomid 3 weeks after last injection, 300mg first day, 100mg for ten days, 50mg for ten days.

    Any other questions, let me know.

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    thanks bro ... that sounds good

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    Those pics that you have posted are the same exact bottles and amps that I was on about 6 weeks ago. I took 2 shots of sustanon and 2 shot of the norandren a week for 8 weeks. I posted before and after pics in the member pics forum and my diary is in member cycle results. You should definately buy 10 more sustanon amps. I paid $140 for the norandrens and $20 a piece for the sust.

    I'm a little curious to what part of the U.S. you are from, I have a feeling that your from PA. If you have any questions send me a private message...
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