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    Thinking of adding Fina or Winny from week 7-12.

    Hey guys,

    Its 3 weeks into my sust 500 and deca 400 cycle. I got the help of pete and big al and I am cycling those two from week 1-10.
    Thinking of adding Fina or Winny or even both at week 7-12.
    I want to start getting rid of some bloat by that time. Do you think it will help?


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    Thumbs down

    Ive heard fina and deca =s bitch titties
    id like to hear about what some of the more experienced have to say

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    Fina and deca is a risk, but it should be fine with winny, which can counterbalance it. Yes, fina and winny will help get rid of some fat, provided your diet is good. Try reducing calories a bit and eat ONLY CLEAN. That last part is the most important.

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