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    I friend owed me some cash and paid me with Dianabol tablets,Primobolan depot and Suston 250. I have used the tabs and Suston in the past got them in Budapest( year ago) could someone in the know send me a suitable cycle that includes all three of these steriods I have alot of each so let me have it ..I want to get big but design the cycle so I can keep a good portion of my hard work. I own a bodybuilding supplement company that carries all the popular products so no shortage of supplements either..Thanks for your input

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    dbol @ 35-40mg/day x weeks 1-4
    sust @ 500mg/week x weeks 1-10
    primo @ 400mg/week x weeks 1-10

    Clomid post cycle (will help keep your gains by kick starting your body's natural production of test) and nolvadex (or arimidex or liquidex) in case of aromatization.


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    Yeah what Pete said...cause I don't know. I do know this however, JuiceJunkie will tell you to dump the sust or finish the last 3 weeks with Prop. since of its shorter half life. Making it easier to keep your gains without crashing as badly. Since you DEFINATELY want the clomid you may as well consider the Propinate too. Don't be in a hurry Bro... Take your time and keep learning for yourself. These guys have TONS of knowledge and experience but you really need to know what and why before you start. Don't start anything untill you have everything. Be careful.

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    well - i think the idea is to use what he has already and not pick up more gear. What pete gave you was quite good IMO. remember to shoot the sust at least 2x per week (1ml each time) and get your clomid started 3 weeks after your last shot. The liquidex/arimdex is a good idea as well.

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