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    Hey guys I'm new to the board and have a question. I am doing a cycle of test.en., and deca . I am injecting into my glutes. Is it normal to feel like I've been kicked in the ass for 3 days? Also, after my first 2 injections in my right glute I felt a lump, which is now almost gone. This third injection was made in my left glute and is doing the same as the first 2. This shit hurts! Is it normal? Thanks for your help.

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    Mike Guest
    yup - theres no problem there - make sure you go slowly and do yourself a favor and follow the link in my signature and read up on my injection article

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    yah, don't worry, eventually the injections become pain free. Just takes some time

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    bro are you only i jecting in your glutes? you should do glutes quad and delts.


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    I used to have problems to. Rotate you shot area and try a smaller guage needle i use 1inch 25guage needle in the delt

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