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Thread: Tijuana, etc

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    Tijuana, etc

    Anyone have any shopping tips for Tijuana? I am not worried about getting anything back across the border; rather, about finding a pharmacia or vet supply store that has real stuff and isn't a rip off. Any help here or at [email protected] would be much appreciated. Gracias, hermanos!

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    Just a tip from experience: Tijuana is really overpriced since they prey on American tourists. Try to buy from another town if possible (I can't remember where I went). You'll get lower prices and the chance of getting scammed should be lower. Have fun!

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    Just for future reference guys....nobody did anything wrong on this post but I thought it was on topic enough for me to remind ya'll of something - there are still narcs on these boards and i think it may be a good idea to keep all conversations about how to 'shop' in TJ etc and methods of getting across borders/on planes should be kept in PMs and emails and not public - thanks guys

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