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    Hey guys im 24 5'9 175 14% BF ive ran a couple oral only cycles in the past of var clen and oral test.. on a strict diet and looking to expand to something injectible. My goal is to shed the remaining bf into the teens and not gain too much mass... im thinking about 10-12 week test prop @ 500 a week with proper pct but i was just wondering what everyone recommends, any opinions is appreciated thanks in advance
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    yes prop will do nicely. im sure you already know but prop needs to be injected ed.

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    100mg prop EOD with 400mg ED weekly. Your goals are attainable simply by dieting. Leafy Veggies, cardio upon awakening with ECA.

    If you are serious about what you are doing including dieting, let me know I will coach you, bro.

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