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    Great cycle i've just finished 201 15% to 216 11% - try it out

    Normally i just browse around here and have really loved following the stuff i've read. I just want to contribute a little back because this latest cycle i've finished really worked wonders for the way my body looks.

    Although i've only gained 15lbs i look way way way better actually the best i've ever looked i think. I'm 5'10" and now 215-11% , legs are not too hot but the upper body really is looking great, not upto a lot of guys here of course but for me i'm really pleased, and although i thought i was in ok shape before i really can see why being more defined is the way to look super huge.

    Anyway here is how the cycle went

    wk 1-5= clen tapered up to 120mg then down
    wk 1-14 =T3 tapered up to 80mg day then at week 10 gradually tapered off
    wk 1-16 = test E 500/mg
    wk 1-14 = decca 300/mg
    wk 6-11 = dbol 20 mg day

    wk 17 -19= clomid 200mg first day, then 100mg day for week1 , 50mg next 2 weeks

    wk 18-20 = clen tapered 120mg then down.

    lost about a pound since being finished totally 3 weeks ago but look even a little more ripped i think, so holding out really well so far.

    now looking to have 3-4months trying to maintain before next cycle which will be super bulker rather than

    I know this cycle may not seem great on paper but it really worked out great for me, only downside was cramps in the first 4 weeks and some so bad it felt i'd done the best calf workouts of my life, and didn't sleep so well some nights. when using the dbol i got such massive pumps at the gym i thought i'd explode, never tried it before but this drug is awesome blows anything else i've had away for super strength and pumps. I didn't get it till after having started the course a few weeks but i'm really glad i added it into the cycle.

    Also on this one i kept carbs pretty low for me but upped protien to 450mg-500mg per day if i could get it all down. I even started drinking down tuna with water since i started to be sick of the sight of it at week 10 but i think that messed with my stomach a bit so stopped and hopped to chicken and beef more the last weeks.

    One thing i noticed is that in the first 5 weeks i got stronger and leaner so i think clen is actually quite anabolic because normally with the test e it takes me to wk 6 to notice anything at all. But i certainly felt stronger.

    The greatest thing of all is i did virtually no cardio at the gym at all, the fat just seemed to get lower and lower till around wk 9 then took longer for the fat to dip down further.

    If i could find or afford hgh i would have surely have loved to add that in also.

    Anyway hope this will help some guys put on some nice gains and really strip of the fat.


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    whay did u start the dbol so late? otherwise congrats bro

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    why do u want pics, are u friends with DSM?

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    good job bro..... 215 at 11% is great. next time 225 10% @ finish

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