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    intra-muscular injection question

    If you inject into your gear into your thigh and you get a felling a few hours later like someone thigh kicked you big time is it safe to say you injected into muscle rather than fat?

    It sounds like a stupid question but the reason I'm asking this is that lately I realised I haven't been injecting at a 90 degree angle into my thigh and Iv'e been using a 25g which means it's a fairly short needle so I'm just worried my injections may have been subcutaneous rather than intra muscular. Worst case scenario if it were a subcutaneous shot would it still work? I heard it would work but it would take alot longer to become metabolized.

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    25G doesnt have anything to do with the length of the needle. Also I sometimes inject on an angles sometimes not. As long as you arent really skinny you should be fine. If you didnt hit the muscle you wasted most of your gear.

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    The thigh is a pretty lean body part, if you have enough fat there that you are concerned you didn't inject into muscle, chances are you should have dropped some bf before you cycled. What is your body fat%?

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    they make 25g in 1-1/2" as well as 1" just because its 25 doesnt mean its short

    what length are you using & are you going in all the way?

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    a sub q shot is just under the first layer of skin. very hard to do with a 1 inch pin. u should be fine!

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