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    NEWBIE, someone please help

    Hey, just wondering if some experienced lifter/ steriod user (im not sure if this site is ok w sterioid use or not but w/e) could answer a few of my questions real quick
    I dont know much at all about steriods -just the typical stereotypes, however, IMO there perfectly fine as long as there not abused.
    Anyway-there are two basic forms to take them...inject in your butt or to pill pop them? Is one more affective than the other? Edited Also, if anyone has gotten truly ripped w/o the use of sterioid id really like to know. Everyone that i thought got into great shape just from working out alot, really ended up taking sterioids....Can it really make that much of a difference? Also, im 18, and was wondering if maybe i should wait a while before takin them.
    If you cant respond to this w/o the website kicking you or something like that- Edited, id really appreciate some education on this stuff, thanks
    Welcome, please read the rules before posting again. Thanks

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    I don't know where to begin. Read the rules for starters, I'd say, and then research a lot. This site has tons of great material for you to learn from.

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    Welcome to AR...

    Need more stat information besides age...But you being 18, you are way to young to do gear. Also, with you lack of knowledge, you should read and research everthing on this site. Eat, sleep, workout, and do it over again until you are 22.

    Also, you need to read the rules about asking for sources. WE don't discuss sources but will give you information on usage. Take your email address down or you will get all types of scammers.

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    ya dude u can do shots of test or test and oralls but no oralls bythem self

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    Also, you dont necessarily need to be injecting into your butt exclusively. You can inject in pretty much any muscle group. I personally find the 'butt shot' to be a pain in the ass because giving yourself the old reach around isnt as easy as you might think. If you are doing them yourself try shoulders and quads first as they are easier to inject.

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