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    No help thanx guys

    I'm worried about this hernia if thats what is it, and none of you have the decency to even look at the post. i mean jesus fu**ing christ allmighty.

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    Hey man, talk to your doctor. This be steroid Q/A not a place to get medical advice.

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    Existential Crisis
    Not sure thats a good way to elicit assistance
    Why don't you go to the doc?

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    just read my post i am goin to the duc i'm just askin if anyones been through it before. or if nayoen had these symtoms.

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    Maybe if you have an injury, and don't want to go to the doctor (like you should do), you could at least post it in the injuries and rehab section.
    Or you could make a post bitching and whining about no responses, even though it's only been 30 minutes since you posted it in the wrong section.

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