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Thread: blood in semen

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    blood in semen

    ahhhh! k guys heres the deal, im in the 5th week of my cycle (test-e), and i noticed that there are traces of blood in my semen (yey, gross). its only a few tiny specles here and there, but enough to scare me none the less. whats the deal?

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    It may or may not have anything to do with the cycle. I would see a doctor ASAP. I think BPH can cause hematospermia, but like I said, get to a doctor and find out.

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    bro! this happened to me to and it scared the shit out of me i got answers from see a doc immediately to it is caused by broken blood vessels and is similar to a nose bleed. when i saw the doc he confirmed the nosebleed thing. i was pretty rough with my equiptment due to the extra horniness while on cycle. but nonetheless i was fine and suffer no ill effects.

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