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    AI question and energy problem

    I have been on a test e and deca cycle for 4 weeks. Moderate results, but my energy has gone out the window. I have been so tired all the time. I think my protien intake has been too high in relation to my carbs and calories but i have corrected that. Someone suggested last week that I get an AI involved. I have started proviron at 50 mg ed, and I now I am about to score some adex but needed to make sure I am doing the right thing. First question is; is adex and arimidex the same thing? Second question; is this ok for schedule:

    test e 400mg wk
    deca 400 mg wk
    proviron 50 mg ed
    arimidex 1 mg ed

    I was thinking of upping the test to 500. and also I have only found one place for arimidex and it seems to be more expensive than anything I have. Any other suggestions on an AI? THanks in advance.

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    there is no need for adex at 1 mg ed .5 or .25 eod would be better for your cycle. or hold of until you need it. letro is another choice for this cycle you'll need very little of it as it is very powerfull, and you will save alot of $$$.

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