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    kinda stumped on this one

    hey been lifting for 4 years competing for 2 done 5 - 7 cycles 21 yrs old male 5'7 165-170 lbs

    k heres the deal
    was on tren prop winny for 12 weeks started with a .5ml of prop and tren for 4 weeks then bumped it to a ml a day, winny at 50 mg a day orals. did it no problems everything went amazing.
    right after i finished that, i took proviron also for the last 4 weeks of the cycle also
    i went right into another cycle of sust and eq with a tab of arimidex every second day, want to take .5 a day and not have to chop the pills.

    the problem is today after training i couldnt get my junk to work with the girl, and we go at it everyday and it has only happened once before on the tren prop cycle. any ideas what could have caused this malfunction?

    i ate 600 cals for brkfast at 800
    500 cal at 1000
    500 cal at 1245
    shake and a ricecake for 350 pwo at 330
    i didnt eat a post workout meal, but i went and grabbed the girl and came to my pad, and it wouldnt work.
    would it be because i was in a calorie deprived state after my workout or something else?

    thanks for any input, and if i forgot to state anything let me know. thanks

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    First off welcome to AR!

    Secondly, youve done 7 cycles and youre ONLY 170lbs???

    You need diet help dude... Obviously you dont know how to eat or train...

    Workout Section

    Under 170? Over 5'10"?

    Diet Help

    Diet Section

    Choosing Diets

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    dude, yo9u are young to be doing this much chemistry!!!! why would you chemically change your body and then starve it at the most vulnerable time!!! P#ssy!! i am there with you bro but dont put stuff in your body to grow and then not feed it. roids alone does a big man grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well... before u panic and spend way too much money, try something simple like L-arginine and see if it helps brings the addition blood flow to your part.

    Sounds like u are getting aroused, just unable to get a solid stiffy.

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