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Thread: Hairloss test

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    Hairloss test

    Ok guys im unsure if im loosing hair or not or if its normal .

    My father and fathers father(mygrandfather) have a full head of hair .

    MY mother has a mop of hair so has her father (My Grandfather). The only person i can think of is my Great grandfather on mother side suffers from baldness.

    Whats the odds i took after him pretty rare huh ??

    Well anyways if you grab 10 handfulls of hair pull softly on top of the scalpt in all different areas ? out of ten handfuls whats the total number of hairs that come out.

    When i do it i get anywhere between 2-5 hairs .

    Would you say im suffering from hairloss .

    Can guys do that 10 handful hair test and tell me the number of hairs that come out thankyou. id prefer guys that donot suffer from baldness to post their results thankyou .

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    People generally loose about 300 hairs a day , that means nuthing .

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakofNature23 View Post
    People generally loose about 300 hairs a day , that means nuthing .
    Wrong. The average amount of hair that falls in one day is about 100. If you don't wake up and have a lot of hair in your pillow or don't have your hands like you have been massaging a warewolf after you have showered you should be ok.

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    well i lost 1 hair and was pulling pretty hard. then again i'm only 18..

    i wouldn't be too worried about it unless you start noticing hair falling out during normal activities, like in the shower or on your pillow, or in a hat if you wear one

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