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    Please critique this cycle !

    This is my third cycle. 210 lbs, 38 years old, 18% body fat.
    Please make any suggestions. I plan to split the doses between M-W-F, except for the Win everyday.

    Wk 1-14 Sustanon 750mg/wk
    Wk 1-14 Tren A 300 mg/wk
    Wk 1-10 Equi 600 mg/wk
    Wk 9-14 Win 250 mg/wk

    Wk 15-20 Nolv 20/day
    Wk 15-19 HCG 500iu/day
    Wk 15-17 Arom 20/day
    Wk 15-17 Vit E 1000iu/day

    Do I need Proviron , and also do I need any AI or SERM during the cycle?
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    To much for a 2nd cycle,if you experienced good gains with your first cycle stick with it and just add another compound or add a kickstart,

    also your bf is to high, I would drop some bf before cycling again and this will give you a great base to build from when you do start your 2nd cycle.
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    I agree. What was your first cycle?

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