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Thread: estrogen?

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    I am currently on around week 7 of test C 250mg a week....and i seem to be gaining more fat even though diet hasnt changed this due to elevated estrogen?.i am also gaining muscle ... i am not holding any water on face or body...just stomach is getting signs of gyno or sensitivity either....i have arimidex on hand...but with only running 250 a week...would it be over kill sense no other signs of high estrogen?..also doing 3 days a week cardio 25 mins med intensity...i am trying to gain...not cut... so i am not super concerned about the extra belly fat ...just curious...if it is estrogen related...or do i just need to get even more strick with diet?

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    elevated estrogen can cause you to store more bodyfat then normal and retain water as well but id venture to say your problem is not estro but your diet. post it up in the nutrition forum if you want help with it. no need for the arimidex IMO.

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