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Thread: Joints?

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    Will Eq lube the joints like Deca does? My shoulders have been in rough shape since my last cycle. I think it was from the winny and I'm running winny again very soon. Will the EQ help at all with my joints?

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    I don't think the eq will help because it doesn't add the extra water that nandrolone does, try to get glucosamine.

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    My experience with Eq is that it does not lube your joints at all. Drinking tons of water may help. Maybe someone else has different results.
    Good Luck Bro

    ps. I was also taking glucosomine and chondroitin , so that may have helped me

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    Start Glucosamine/Chondritis/MSM when you start your cycle and it should start taking effect by the time the EQ starts kicking in,

    EQ doesn't lube joints at all, and in some it has the same effect as winny.

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