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    Finaplix H

    Hey I was wondering if Finaplix H is the same thing. The reason I ask is cause I was thinkin bout gettin some if this sounds good. This is what it said and I was wondering how long this would last doing 75mg every day and if I would have to make it or if it is already made. If I have to make it is it hard to do? Since I never did Fina I copied what it says. It says:

    Finaplix H Box (100 dose)

    Finaplix-H, The Real Thing! 20,000 mg (200 grams) of Trenbolone Acetate per Box


    - 1 Box (20,000 mg of Trenbolone Acetate per Box) containing,
    - 10 Cartridges per Box (2,000 mg of Trenbolone Acetate per Cartridge) containing,
    - 10 Implants per Cartridge (200 mg of Trenbolone Acetate per Implant or Dose) containing,
    - 10 small pellets per implant (20 mg of Trenbolone Acetate per pellet)

    Intervet Implant
    Trenbolone acetate

    Active Ingredient(s): FINAPLIX®-H is an implant containing 200 mg of trenbolone acetate.
    Manufactured by a non-sterilizing process.
    Indications: The product is a slow release anabolic agent containing trenbolone acetate, which increases rate of weight gain and improves feed efficiency in growing finishing feedlot heifers. This product is to be used in feedlot heifers only during approximately the last 63 days prior to slaughter.
    Dosage and Administration: Dosage form: One implant containing 200 mg trenbolone acetate is administered to each animal. The 10 pellets which make up the dosage of FINAPLIX®-H are contained in one division of the multiple cartridge. Ten doses are in each cartridge. The cartridge is designed to be used with a special implant gun.
    Route of Administration: The implant is placed under the skin on the posterior aspect of the ear by means of a special implanter available from Hoechst Roussel Vet. With the animal suitably restrained, the skin on the outer surface of the ear should be cleaned. The implant is then administered by the method shown in the diagram below.

    Site of Implantation: After appropriately restraining the animal to allow access to the ear, cleanse the skin at the implant needle puncture site. It is subcutaneous, between the skin and cartilage on the back side of the ear and below the midline of the ear. The implant must not be placed closer to the head than the edge of the cartilage ring farthest from the head. The location of insertion of the needle is a point toward the tip of the ear and at least a needle length away from the intended deposition site. Care should be taken to avoid injuring the major blood vessels or cartilage of the ear.
    Method of Use:
    1. Do not remove the cap of the cartridge containing the implants.
    2. Place the cartridge (with the capped end to the front) into slot at the top of the implanter magazine.
    3. Gently push the cartridge into the slot until it clicks into place.
    4. The implanter is then ready to use.
    5. Take the ear of the animal firmly with the free hand (in the manner shown in Fig. 1). Then insert the needle into the subcutaneous tissue at the point indicated.
    6. After inserting the needle to its full extent, squeeze the trigger while gradually removing the needle so that the pellets of the implant will be deposited in a single row.
    7. Withdraw the implanter. This will advance the cartridge one groove in the magazine and the next implant is now ready for use.
    8. When all the implants have been administered, the cartridge will fall out of the bottom of the magazine and may be replaced by a new one.
    9. To change the needle, loosen the needle locking nut and replace the needle. Tighten the nut finger tight and the implanter is ready for use.
    Precaution(s): Store in a refrigerator (36-47°F) and protect from sunlight. Use before the expiration date printed on the cartridge.
    Warning(s): Not to be used in animals intended for subsequent breeding, or in dairy animals. For animal treatment only. Not for use in humans. Implant pellets in the ear only. Any other location may result in violation of Federal Law. Do not attempt salvage of implanted site for human or animal food.
    Presentation: Boxes of 10 x 10 cartridge implants.
    Each implant consists of 10 small yellow pellets. Ten implants are provided in each container.

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    sounds real click on my link

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    That's it bro,you'll love it!!

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