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Thread: Gyno Op ?

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    Question Gyno Op ?

    Can anyone give me some insight to the Gyno Op with regards to where they cut , how long can't you train for & any complications that could occur. Does the Pec look normal after everythings healed ? Please help as i'm in two minds about going for the op. Besides AS , what else could lead to Gyno.

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    It really depends on your current condition. They frequently make a crescent cut above the nipple and remove the excess skin after removing the breast tissue (or fat tissue). Everybody is different and you could develop gyno in a completely different shape and location than I.

    I've been told that you should be away from any physical activity in the gym that affects the area for at least five weeks. Should be about two days at home (with your chest wrapped in tight gauz), then three weeks with no physical activity, then another two with light to moderate work.

    The reason you dont want to workout is that you may tear an area where new blood vessels are growing. This is because of the higher blood pressure you give your body while training. For the first week, you'll have a drain hanging out of your chest for the fluids and excess blood. Obviously, you want to be very careful when this is on.

    The look after the operation can vary of course depending on the person and the work of the doctor. Complications can vary greatly again, depending on the person and doctor. You can find a LOT of information about Gyno surgery all over the web. Try this site:

    Find yourself a local doctor, go for an evaluation. They will give you the full scoop. There are plenty of before and after pictures on plenty of sites too. Check it out, do your homework, and shop for the BEST doctor.

    Mr Hed

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