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    What is the best gear to use that are the least hazardous and have the fewest side effects???

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    what are you stats, goals, workouts, etc???

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    The side effects for any gear can usually be controlled by simultaneously taking certain drugs. For example, if you are prone to acne, bloating, and gyno you could take arimidex alongside the steroid to minimize/stop the side effects. You can take other meds such as proscar, accutane, etc. for sides too. As far as toxicity (usually liver) you can take milk thistle and cranberry extract to reduce the risk/effect.

    That takes care of sides, which by the way all steroids will generally have sides if not taken properly with maybe the exception of anavar (only side effect is $$$$$$!!!).

    As far as which gear is best? Well that depends on a lot of things. Some juice works really good for some people, but does nothing but bloat and cause breakouts for someone else. You have to find which gears work well for you, usually by trial and error. Each AS also has certain strengths and weaknesses.

    Testosterone in any form, for example, is generally the most anabolic steroid there is (next to insulin in anabolism). It can be used very effectively to bulk or cut, but also runs the highest risk for side effects if not taken with the proper precautions. I am a strong believer, however, that a cycle without test is not really a cycle at all.

    Deca and EQ are great companions to test, but should never be taken alone. Side effects are usually less with EQ than Deca although deca packs on size a little better (or so some people claim) and EQ is great for bulking or cutting as it generally doesn't hold as much water as Deca. You can always use liquidex or arimidex to keep the water retention off anyways.

    Winny, Masteron and Anavar are usually looked upon as the safest steroids as they rarely exhibit any sides and are unlikely to hurt your liver function much while taking milk thistle in large doses (compared to Dbol and Abombs). These are great while cutting and can actually be taken without other AS and get some decent results (results when combined with test are much better though).

    Dbol and Abombs are usually referred to as the most hazardous steroids in terms of liver toxicity. They can tear your liver a new ass hole if your not careful. Heavy doses of milk thistle are a MUST while on either of these. These are some of the best AS for bulking, but are very ineffective if used alone or without some sort of testosterone.

    Okay, I am getting tired of typing! If some of the information I stated was sloppily written or was misleading, I am sure someone will step in and correct it. I quit!!!!!!!!


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