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    Nolvadex for water retention reduction??? WTF

    Ok, to make a long story short, i was bloated as hell after my enanthate /fina/eq cycle. Right before i started clomid i took 40mg of nolva and 20mg ED for the next week. At the end of the week my face pretty much shrank down to normal and I felt slimmer all over my body, like I had lost weight. Oh ya, I took L-dex at .5mg ED throughout my cycle as well, but obviously didn't seem to help all that much. What do you guys think? Anyone else had similar experience?

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    it does help with water bro ,i know itsa a horrible feeling thpugh u loose all the water u feel smaller and strength takes a dip .it sucks kinda makes u wish u had it back ,winter time is waterbuffalo season

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