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    Quote Originally Posted by Noles12 View Post
    Great points but i dont think you quite understand what compound he is speaking off. Test SUSPENSION and Sustanon are completely different.

    Suspension(Sus) is a non-estered test while Sustanon (Sust) is derived of a mixture of testosterone esters in one compound
    Spot on sir. thanks for correcting my mistakes.!
    Im no ASS ninja by far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noles12 View Post
    Sides were just one of the issues i brought up.

    If you were to run Test/Deca /Dbol and made amazing gains but had never ran them before, how do you know that all of them together caused these gains. What if it was the Deca you responded well to? You then wouldnt know for future cycles.

    When you talk about going big to get big i disagree in the sense of drugs. No it is not possible to look like ronnie or Jay without them,but yes it is possible to have a great physique(and a large one at that) without tons of AAS.

    I am finishing a cycle of Sust at 500 mgs/week and Tren at around 350 mgs/week. I have gained tons of mass in this cycle and loved it. Was it a lot of AAS? No, but i gained over 20 pounds on it and now im sitting at 6'2 240 at around 14-15% bf.

    I never once implied that i think steroids are bad or kill you, but like anything else i think they need to be used in moderation, especially when first starting off.

    Finally im slightly confused by your math when it comes to your dosage protocol. Are you saying shooting 350mg/day is equivalent to 525 mg/week?
    Sorry Noles.. I was having a rough day yesterday.. i had about 10 friggen debates going on at once.. and this one was.. how should i put it.. umm the straw that broke the camel's back.

    Now, yes i definitely agree with you that newbs should start out low dose.. because in the beginning you will respond well to low dose... fresh receptors... (Your cycle you just did, TEST/TREN-- 20lb gain in muscle.. how many cycles u got under ur belt? and is this your first time using tren?? 20lbs is a lot of MASS to get off a cycle like that.. congrats !!)

    BUT !! What I do not agree with is someone not being able to determine what worked the best.. the compounds themselves make you FEEL Different.. I dunno we could debate this til we are blue in the face bro.

    Now, what I am saying about the dosing is... Enanthate .. the ester attached to the MOST COMMON TESTOSTERONE , Weighs something.. if I remember correctly.. i think it's 28mgs per 100mgs so you only get 72mgs of actual TEST per 100mgs of Test E injected... So if you inject 250mgs X 2 = 500 per week, 28 X 5= 140mgs, 500-140= 360mgs of actual Testosterone injected...

    The main difference between different esters is simply the number of carbon atoms in the ester. Propionate has three carbons, acetate has two, isobutyrate has four, enanthate has seven, cypionate has eight, and decanoate has ten. More unusual esters, such as cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (used in Parabolan ) has eight carbons and one more oxygen than the above esters making it the heaviest.

    So where you think you are inject 500mgs.. you really aren't at all..

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