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    MaxiDrol Information

    A friend of mine has been using it amd said he can provide me with a cycle of the pill. ( He said its 6 weeks I guess thats how he was told to use it)

    The way he uses it is 2 pills once a day, 2 before a work out and 2 before sleep on off days.

    Now Id like to know everything there is to possibly know about this Steroid is it good, should I use it?

    My goal is to cut, and lose weight while gaining weight, now i dont need to get huge bu lean and fit.. Backstory.

    I was always skinney then i broke 6 ribs and ate alot of junk food and got bigger, now im not fat but i have a beer belly(guess thats my body type) and i wanna work it off. But id also like to take advantages if i can.
    I can provide any and all information.

    Now I have never trained superhard i have worked out in periods and have been active but never gone hardcore in the gym. Weight loss seems to be difficult but that can be alot to do because of diet. Something ill be fixing over the next week or so. (Ive read Drummerboys thread btw)

    If i decide to take maxidrol it would be after a month of me making sure i can commit the time to go to the gym, and to my new diet.

    I have tried google and other search engines but it always shows maxidrol and the information is scarce.

    Any threads related to anything, throw me a link and I will read them all, im like a empty fountain ready to be filled with knowledge
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