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    Question An "off-cycle" supplement?

    I just got a new catalog from, and in it is an "off-cycle formula" called Intermission, by Impact Nutrition. It supposedly helps you keep the gains from your last cycle by blocking the cortisol. Is this similar to what Clomid therapy does, and does anyone have any experience with this supplement? It seems to be about the same price as Clomid, with a few more benefits. Check it out at:

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    Clomid basically tricks your brain into believing you have a major hormone deficiency by blocking estrogen at the hypothalamus. Your brain then signals your body to produce more testosterone .

    Post-cycle recovery involves restoring the hypothalamo-pituitary-testicular-axis (clomid) and undoing ball shrinkage (HCG ).

    Honestly - I wouldn't trust this product alone. I would never come off a cycle without HCG and clomid (or Nolva). If you want to take this stuff in addition to those 2 go for it. I'd have to have some trustworthy word-of-mouth proof that this product is worth the money before I spend any of mine on it.

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