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    Question cycle critique, help?

    Ok, Im looking for criticism, help, and advice here. Im 21 years old, 6'3" 281lbs 19% BF. Im starting my second cycle. Ive been training for nearly two years, I go to the gym 4-6 times per week and have a very solid workout routine, not too mention a very strong diet. I would say I take it around 300-350g of protein per day, and somewhere around 200-250g of Carbs, minimal on fats. Ok, I want to put up about 10-20lbs of lean mass while trimming my BF, and I was wondering if the pros out there could look this over and see if there is something Im doing incorrectly or if everything looks good. Heres what Im gonna have...
    99 5mg D-Bol tabs
    10mL of Sust 300 (300mg/mL) aka "Godzillabol"
    10mL of Test 200 (200mg/mL)
    10mL of Winny-V (50mg/mL)

    And heres how I was thinking of cycling it.
    Weeks 1-4
    D-Bol @ 15mg per day

    Weeks 2-7
    Sust 300 @ 600mg per week

    Weeks 3-8
    T-200 @ 400mg per week

    Weeks 5-10
    Winny-V @ 100mg per week

    I thought it would throw on some decent size and strength gains in the early stages then kinda cut down with the lower dose of Test and finish up with Winny. What improvements can I make? any changes to my diet?
    I will have an Anti-e and Clomid on hand. Thank You...
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    Get more dbol or save it for another cycle. You aren't really going to be able to take advantage of the prop in the sust. I also think you need more winny but I would run it like this:

    25mg dbol ED weeks 1-3
    500mg test weeks 1-10
    50 mg of winny EOD weeks 10-13

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    that's not enough juice to run a decent need more winny/sust and about 50 more tabs of d-bol...Madmax..

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