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    Question HCG & Clomid or nothing

    Would you guys recommend for me to take HCG and/or Clomid after my cycle. I'm taking Equipoise 300 per week, for 8 weeks. If so what would be the reasonable price to pay?

    Also I have 5 Sustanon250 shots left over from a prior cycle, would it be worth it for me to take the five towards the end of my Equi cycle. Maybe start at week 6 and overlap the Equi, or would it be a waste of Sust and just save it for next time. Let me know I am starting week 5 now so I will need the response soon.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    start right now add the sust. in your cycle and dont taper off at the end of your cycle use clomid

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    i agree w/ pure anger

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    8 weeks of EQ at a low dose? Did you even see any gains? Dont bother adding 5 shots of sust, save them for the next cycle. Dont run HCG , run clomid though 3 weeks after the last EQ shot.

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