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    Cycle advice for tren

    Hi I'm 21 5'9 210ilb and looking for some cycle help. I work out a lot and have been training the last 2 years to eventually join the military, I take cycto gainer and gaspari super pump mixed with my constant hitting the gym and changing up my routine but I feel like there's a wall I can never get past (weight wise). Last year I briefly tried a transdermal cycle of fina and a perscription gel 'testim' (I know everyone thinks that transdermal is inaffective but I wasn't ready to shoot anything up at the time) I had some results but they seemed to fade after I stopped also I had no pct or anything. I'm looking to now try a cycle of homebrew tren (I'd rather do something I know for sure what's inside rather than trust something I buy online) I've seen a couple different tutorials and am looking for the best method, I also want to know what would be the best pct in my situation (clomid seems hard to obtain) and anything else I should be taking to get the best results in my cycle. Any help or links are appreciated, thanks.

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    I'll be brief and to the point with this. You are not ready to cycle, and you are definitely no where near ready to cycle with Trenbolone .

    *2 years of consistent training in the gym is insufficient and simply not enough time to jump on the juice.
    *Your question in regards to a proper PCT show's me a lack of understanding the fundamentals of proper cycling and research.
    *You need to understand what a novice cycle looks like and why Test is important in every cycle

    I would begin by reading the educational threads/stickies this website has to offer.


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    bump thats as true as it can be said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawaiianPride. View Post

    I would begin by reading the educational threads/stickies this website has to offer.



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