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    during cycle and pct advise

    This is my 3rd cycle ever and I'm taking 400mg of test cyp a week 50mg of winstrol ed and 100mg of npp eod

    I'm about to order some stuff from ar-r for pct and also while on my cycle I wouldn't mind running arimedex aka liqu dex for the sides of the deca or npp
    Do you guys agree that would be a good idea or should I just keep going as is or is there something else I should use

    I'm going to start my pct 3 weeks after last injection and I was going to use clomid and nolvadex

    How does that sound

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    Only use the arimedex if you see any sides kicking in.

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    PCT 21 days after Cypionate is a bit to long. Review this updated article:

    Next time get all your Ancillaries on hand before your gear.

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