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    About to start cycle..... One question

    I started another previous post but decided to trash it because I had a crazy week and barely made sense in my posts.....

    I"m 6'4, 245lbs and around 14-maybe16% bodyfat.
    my previous cycles include a few test only(12 weeks), and a few test/deca /dbol (14 weeks)

    I have available
    Test cypionate (250mg/ml)x plenty
    Tren acetate (100mg/ml)x3
    Tren enanthate (75mg/ml)x3
    Winstrol tabs(50mg)x50


    I want to gain a few pounds while leaning out much more.

    My main question is what would be the best way to combine BOTH the tren acetate and tren enenthate esters into one cycle?

    So it would look like this:

    Week 1-18 Test Cypionate 600mg
    Week 4-16 Tren Enanthate 150mg, Tren Acetate 200mg
    Week 12-17 winstrol 50mg every day

    Can I combine those two esters (tren acetate and tren enanthate) in cycle?

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    I would use the acetate in the start, and the end, of the cycle.

    The first weeks I would use 1 tren acetate for kickstarting the cycle. When that bottle is done, the tren E is almost working at full capacity.

    The 2 last bottles you save up for last. The reason for this is that between ending with an enanthate ester and starting PCT you get about 2 weeks of "lag". During this period the anabolic enviroment in your body starts diminishing, but due to still unnaturally high hormone-levels your body hasn't even begun to "restart" the balls. This is in other words not an optimal way to use your "on" time. You calculate a dose to start so the last bottle is finished 2 weeks after you discontinue the enanthate esters.

    .....But on the other hand, you already have a good amount of tren just from the Enanthate. Saving all the acetate for another cycle is an even better option imo

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    I have thought about splitting the two esters of tren up and doing two separate cycles.....

    But with only 3 bottles of tren enanthate at 75mg/ml thats only about enough to run 225mg/week for 9 weeks.

    That seems like too low of a dose of tren to me doesn't it??? Especially for enanthate?

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    Since you and I are almost the exact same size, I'm 6'4 240 @ 14%, I'll tell you what I would do.

    I would pin:
    Test Cyp @ 2x 250/week and
    Tren Ace @ 100mg EOD for 60 days.
    After your Tren Ace ran out I would run the Winny @ 50mg/day for the rest of the cycle.

    Or you could substitute the Tren A with the Tren E and pin twice a week for 350mg.

    I think that it will be too hard to maintain constant blood levels running a long and short ester Tren during the same cycle.

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