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    Arrow for jason (but everyone else also)

    jason i saw the recommened cycle you gave to ravaz.

    weeks 1-8
    sust 500mg per week
    deca 400mg per week
    weeks 1-4
    dbol 30-40mg ed
    weeks 9,10,11
    clomid 50mged/100mged/50mged
    nolvadex on hand

    would this work well for me in what i'm looking for? 23 yo, 6'4", 10% bf, would like to get up to 240 solid! i've been traing for 5 years pretty hard and i'm looking for that next level. obviously this would be my first cycle

    Big John

    obviously this would be my first cycle
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    The original jason Guest
    sure it would work for anyone its pretty much a universal first cycle its a good mass builder however the real results come from your training and diet after all its not hard to inject yourself it is to eat 8 meals a day and workout to the max ed thats the hard work but yes same plan would be good


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    that's an awesome cycle. i've done a couple and i think i'm gonna use this cycle myself. if this is your first cycle you should have tremendous results, since your receptor sites will be clean. i would definately expect to keep at least 10-15 lbs of hard muscle.

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    If U cant grow from a sust/deca /d cycle then you just cant grow!

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    Mike Guest
    start clomid wk 10

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