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    Question 2nd cycle opinions please

    Hey guys, right now I am running my second cycle. I am taking

    Sustoject 250:
    prop: 30 mg
    phenylprop: 60 mg
    isocaproate: 60 mg
    deca : 100 mg

    I have done 2 injections of 1ml, first one last Tues and second one yesterday. and I am taking Methanabol (25 MG daily).

    I have a couple questions, first - I have Exemestane on hand, should I be already taking this daily?

    secondly - I was planning on just running Test prop but I got thrown a curve ball by my source, I got sent this Sustoject instead of the Prop. When this 10ml bottle of Sustoject is gone what do you recommend I run? My goal is to put on lean mass and achieve a hard dry look if possible.

    also I am planning on getting Clomid for a pct. (I know in the future to get everything on hand before I start)

    198 lbs. 6'2"
    AAS experience (have you used AAS before, what doses, results?)
    Have ran two bottles of epistane and one bottle of test prop
    Goals (what are you trying to achieve with AAS?)
    Put on muscle, keep body fat low
    about 9%
    Healthy, lean meats, eggs, raw milk, peanut butter. No fast food or soda.
    Work out schedule
    Usually 6 days a week; split -back/biceps: chest/triceps: legs: shoulders

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    The point of no return.
    Do you have nolvadex on hand. Dbol gives me gyno symptoms every time and I would never run it without nolva close by.
    I incorporate aromasin in every cycle but that is from past experience as I aready know I need it. You will have to learn that for yourself.
    If you started with sust then I'd recommend staying with sust.
    I like to see both nolva and clomid for PCT.

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    Thanks. I got this gear from a crappy source it was overpriced and low quality (I haven't tried anything else to compare it to but others have said the quality isn't the best). What I have available to get now is all the tests, masteron 100, deca 250, and tren . What do you think?

    I don't have Nolva on hand, I'll get some along with the Clomid.

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    double post

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