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    First Cycle Help!

    Ok, so I have hit the gym consistantly for the past year and some change and I have got my test ready to go but need some guidance.

    Weight: 215
    Body Fat: 15%
    Height: 6 feet
    Diet: Eat 6 meals, high protien about a 1.5 grams per body weight, low carb
    4 day splits, 30min cardio every night

    I dont know if I left anything out...

    So I have two bottles of testostrone C. 250 (It says each ML contains 250mg) and I have 60 tabs of 10mg Tamodex Citrate.

    I also have a 10ML vial of Nandrolone Deca which im saving to stack with my second cylcle. I am planing on doing only the test for first cycle just to be safe on the sides!

    How long should my cycle be and is the Tamodex enough for a PCT or should I get something else? And if I need to get something else for PCT what should I stack to go along with what I have.

    I will include pics of what I have!

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    I would Take 500 mg test a week, mon and thursday. I also prefer Nolvadex and clomid for pct.

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    Edit out the lab name, please.


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    I would also go with clomid and nolva for pct, get the real chems.

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    Sorry, I just edited the brand name out of the post! I just received my 60 tabs of Fortomid Clomifene in the mail. Will the Clomifene and Tamodex Citrate be good enough for my pct?

    Oh and I am 36 years old...

    If this pct combo is going to be ok, how many mg of each do I take and for how long and most inportantly at what point of the cycle do I start the pct? I have read a ton of pct articales but I just cant find anything about doasage and duration any where.. I am so confused about that.

    And jla 1986--- You said 500 mg a week Mon and Thursday, do you mean 250mg on each day? And how long should the cycle last?

    I really have done lots of reading but there are soooo many diff ways of doing things that for someone like me I dont know what option to chose!

    I thank you guys for your time and info!

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    Oh and another question, is 60 tabs of each enough for my cycle or should I order more for my pct?

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