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    hows this cycle look?

    300 mg test prop - wks 1-13
    150 mg tren ace - wks 1-6
    150 mg masteron - wks 1-6
    200 mg bold und - wks 1-10
    40 mg winny - wks 9-13

    50 mg clomid/day- wks 14-18
    20 mg nolva/day - wks 14-18
    500 iu HCG / wk - wks 8-14

    reason for the injects lookin like that all wierd with the timing is the money issue =p this looked like it might be a good way to use those amounts?

    stats -
    used var, winny, anadrol , dbol , and mdrol oral only cycles when i first started.
    did a test e cycle kicked off with mdrol
    on a test c cycle right now about to end it
    5'8 190lbs 6-8%bf
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    cycle experience and stats bro

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    Why the question? You are already on cycle according to your other posts and it's your first inject-able cycle, correct?

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    im on my second inject cycle this will be my third, planning it so i can buy it and have it shipped to my house and ready to start by july 1st, i wanna have everything here and ready on time

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    I have no idea why people who are under 200lbs find it necessary to stack so many compounds...I know guys who are 250+ that still only run 2 compounds at a time...It seems so unnecessary to me and so hard on your body...Especially considering you're thinking about running tren ace...

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    Your to young and using to many compounds, you also have no idea how to design a cycle.
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